ION private beats are two separate beats Þorsteinsvík and Ölfusvatnsárós.

Each beat has two rods, which are sold together, and fishermen alternate during lunch at 2 pm. spending an hour at lunch brake and alternating places. The afternoon fishing then starts at 3 pm. and goes until 10 pm. If the same party has all four rods fishermen control their fishing hours and where they fish.

Fishing rules: Fly fishing only and catch and release of all fish.

Flies: The brown trout and arctic char are feeding on snails, nymphs and hatched flies. So popular flies are all kind of nymphs, for example: pheasant tail, peacock and all kinds off bead heads. Dry flies are also very effective. As the brown trout gets bigger they start feeding on fish as well and they are known to eat fish up to 30 cm (12 inches). So all kinds of streamers big and small such as Black Ghost can be very effective.