Monthly Archives: February 2015

Our accommodations

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel represents everything that Iceland stands for including purity, eco-friendly design, hot springs, landscape, volcano, lava, moss, local cuisine, music, architecture, art and unspoiled nature. The best description would probably be our slogan Where everything meets Nothing Inspired by the environmental surroundings, Ion incorporates innovative materials, sustainable practices, and the natural features […]

The biggest brown trout ever caught on a fly in Iceland.

In 2014 Mr. Stefán Kristjánsson, our sales manager, caught a monster brown trout on one of our beats. The fish was 100 cm. long and the girth was 64 cm. This particular brown trout is est. to be over 15 kg. It was caught on a Black Ghost streamer and it took over forty five […]

Extension of Þorsteinsvík, beat one, from last year.

Þorsteinsvík bay is a sandy beach with rocks on both ends. On weekends Saturdays and Sundays, the beat is as it was in 2014 from the big rocks on the northern part (left hand side looking out to the Lake) to the middle of the beach ( where the big rocks are). Monday through Friday […]

ION fishing

ION fishing will be running the fishing operation on Reykjavík Energie private beats on Lake Þingvallavatn. ION hotel which had the fishing rights for 2014 has formed a new company ION fishing Ltd. owned by ION hotel and Stefán Kristjánsson and Jóhann Hafnfjörð Rafnsson and they will be in charge of sales.